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Instagram analytics app for influencers

The frequent question - "Who unfollowed me on Instagram?

“Who unfollowed me on Instagram?” Does this question keep bugging your mind? Keep reading and find the answer!

If you are an Instagram beginner and looking for influencing a wider audience, you are at the right place.

check who unfollowed me on Instagram

Starting from scratch can be challenging especially when the numbers between your followers and following keep fluctuating. This is because people can unfollow you without your knowledge. 

Avoid mistakes at this tender stage and make things right with an advanced Instagram Analytics app – the Followers+.

Followers+ app logo

For the ones wondering how to grow business on Instagram, this app can be your trump card.

 You just focus on building strategies and keeping a close eye on your competitors meanwhile this app will manage your followers and monitor their growth effectively on your behalf.

build business strategies

There is no stopping you when you understand your audience better and this app caters to your needs of behavioural data.

Followers+ - Track your social media growth!

Is your headspace occupied with the following questions?

  • Who unfollowed me on Instagram?
  • Who blocked me on Instagram?
  • Who viewed my Instagram?
  • Who admires me on Instagram?
  • How to track growth of Instagram account?
  • How to check Instagram stalkers?
  • How to grow social presence?

If yes, you have a solution right here – Followers+.

Followers+ is an advanced Instagram insights app beneficial for all Instagram enthusiasts – individuals, influencers, and businesses!

Get detailed insights of Instagram

A tool so powerful that gives accurate analytics of your Instagram profile with deep insights.

Track growth of Instagram account and See who views on your Instagram profile
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It got you covered with its key features!

  • Analytics and Graphs – Tracks Instagram growth and presents it in the form of graphs.
  • Instant notifications – Get notified instantly about who followed, unfollowed, or blocked you.
  • Mass unfollow – Get profile statistics and balance the followers-following numbers by unfollowing directly through this app.
  • Numbers up to date – Get the count of people visiting your profiles, followers gained, followers lost, or not following you back.

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Invest in Yourself with Followers+ PRO

Are you looking for more? Well, there is more. You can learn more about your profile behaviour and get Instagram insights with additional features of Followers+ PRO.

  • Discover your admirers and stalkers – Get to know who are your new profile interactors and secret admirers visiting your profile the most.
  • Story Details – Search and sort your story viewers with a story insights pack.
  • Post engagement data – Know about your posts that have performed exceptionally well.
  • Loss reports – Know about who is deleting past comments from your posts and unliked your photos.
  • Watch Instagram stories anonymously – Bothered that users know you’re viewing their stories? Well, the problem solved with Followers+ PRO.

To all the social media influencers or people wanting a digital presence, this is a great deal. Not sure? Try the free trial pack and then make your decision.

grow business on Instagram

With Followers+ by your side, now nobody can stop you or your business from getting popular. Download today and get results instantly.

Find the download link of Followers+ PRO below.

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See you in the next blog!

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