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No more stepping outside your home to get your couriers or shipment delivered. If you have been traveling all the way to down to courier service providers, stop right now! We bring you a prompt and convenient way to get your couriers delivered saving you time, money and efforts! Schedule and get your goods picked-up right from your home and delivered at the doorsteps of the receiver with Shiprocket – the best courier app!

Shiprocket app logo

Shipment struggle is real. Take action!

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We know the struggle with traditional courier service is painful. Finding ‘courier service near me’, then traveling all the way down to the location, getting those labels right, choosing the right courier partner, or negotiating and signing those endless papers is extremely painful. Why should you suffer when all you want to do is deliver stuff to where it belongs!

And of course, later you find out that the order was delayed, in an unacceptable situation and the fragile items were broken. The continuous series of complaints of service issues, damaged goods, and those late deliveries must have left your customers unhappy. We certainly can’t vouch for conventional courier services.

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Shiprocket App– Your convenient courier delivery partner!

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Shiprocket is a platform offering seamless online courier delivery services for your eCommerce businesses in India. No more stepping out of your home. They offer quick home pick-up and delivery service.

Sell whatever you want or wherever you want, this courier delivery app caters to all your delivery needs. Your products will be shipped all over India covering all the metro cities. It also offers courier delivery outside India.

With this app, you can now track courier and manage all your shipments and courier activities on the go.

manage shipment activities on the go

Key features

Get all the following features with the app. Choose the right courier partner and streamline your eCommerce business.

  • Fastest pick up and drop services – No more unhappy customers with these quick home courier services.
  • Get any item delivered – apparel, non-perishable items, gifts, electronics, valuable goods, or a sweet gift anywhere.
  • Easy access to transparent shipping wallet and download your invoices.
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get shipping wallet and keep track of logs
download invoice easily with a single tap
hassle free order creation on Shiprocket

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  • Hassle-free order creation within seconds.
  • Live Order Tracking feature – be notified where is your shipment.
  • Prepaid and COD fulfillment options: online and offline orders covered.
all-in-one dashboard for shipment reports
calculate freight rate cost
print personalized labels on Shiprocket

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Access to an all-in-one shipping analytics dashboard to get information on delivered, lost items, weight discrepancies, or overall revenue. Get all necessary details at a glance. You can even schedule pick up time for courier.

Enter the pick-up and delivery pin code of your parcels, dimensions, and weight. A real-time calculator will calculate the freight rate of your courier and the best shipment option will be recommended by the app.

Be looped in the fulfillment cycle right until the product is delivered with emails and SMS.

Raise any request or dispute on the app to the customer service via chat, call, or email and they will get back to you.

Why download the Shiprocket app for courier delivery?

For the following reasons, you can’t say no to Shiprocket app!

A delightful shipping experience is promised with safe and careful delivery of goods. Through this app get affordable courier delivery services with intracity shipping rates starting at Rs.22 per 500 gm and the cheapest freight rates. It indeed offers the cheapest Indian courier service.

careful delivery of handle with care packages

Courier Recommendation Engine

get recommendations of courier partners
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Don’t sweat over which courier partner to choose! The app’s in-built courier recommendation engine simplifies your day-to-day logistics operations by identifying the cheapest & fastest shipment service, and most-rated courier partners best-suited for your courier. The system is well-equipped with a dense network of 17+ delivery partners across India and 220+ countries and territories across the globe covering 27000+ pin codes.

Say goodbye to all the hectic negotiations and signing of multiple agreements with multiple courier partners as all that is taken care of by the Shiprocket app. An end-to-end seamless logistics support and home pick-up courier service, everything is fulfilled by it.

With technology doing wonders today, courier delivery should be a smooth and convenient procedure. And if it hasn’t been so for you, it’s time to change your ways. Get online shipping with the app and put a halt to all your shipping-related worries! This app will leave you absolutely satisfied. Find the Shiprocket app download links below.

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