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What is that one thing we know is extremely beneficial for us yet we don’t do it? Think, it’s an easy one. Let me give you a hint – not doing this is the reason why you huff and puff while taking a staircase, get severe body aches and have the risk of a plethora of diseases! Right! Exercise, physical activities, home workout or training, whatever you may want to call it. We know there are endless benefits of exercise yet we endlessly procrastinate.

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All day work

Then there are also people who understand the need yet don’t get enough time in their busy lives! We totally get you. Workdays are long, the commutes are even longer and then responsibilities at home absorb the leisure time. All you can think is – ‘How to stay fit in busy life?’

And, of course, people who are highly committed work out and exercise regularly. Sadly, not many of us fall into that category. Despite the countless betterments exercise brings into our lives, we somehow don’t get started. Any reason why? Because the biggest barrier to our self-care regime is not knowing ‘How to do exercise or make it happen’!

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Got 7 minutes? We have your workout guide, resource, and buddy here for you. 

Right when you were procrastinating or trying hard to find time to run to the gym or perhaps trying to level up your fitness, a team of creative minds was curating a star player in fitness. Make exercise happen and fit fitness in your busy lives with SEVEN, a 7-minute workout app!

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Seven App– Workout even on the busiest day!

workout without going to gym

Getting changed, going to the gym, taking a shower, getting dressed again, and then of course buckling up for the day! Where is the time?

A quick home workout!

Well, you can work out right at your home, no running after the gym! Having a hard time imagining ‘how exactly?’ All you need to give is only seven minutes a day and exercise at home. Not really a lot for our health commitment. Well, welcome to the world of 7-minute workout!

Exercise at home is an option

Are 7-minutes really worth it?

Did a thought cross your mind – ‘What could possibly happen in seven minutes?’ That would fly just like that. Well, not really!

high intensity workout at home

The 7-minute workout is a high intensity workout training program based on scientific studies meticulously designed to give you full health benefits. You get to do 12 exercises, each for 30 seconds with a 10-second break in between. Trust me, you will be sweating excessively and go breathless. Don’t believe me, try it out yourself. Few minutes but you will feel every second of it!

Why Seven should be your choice?

Well, why not? The following are good enough reasons for you to download this app.

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  • Getting fit is now easy and fun.
  • Exercise in less time and fit exercise into busy workdays, conveniently!
  • Doesn’t ask you for much, only 7-minutes a day. Do it anywhere anytime.
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The app won’t let you miss out on your home workout sessions. Cultivate a habit and set mini-challenges for yourself. Make every minute and improve fitness at home count because it all adds up.

Guess what, you don’t need that fancy and heavy equipment anymore to stay fit! Get a chair, find a wall, and you. That’s it, a no equipment workout!

No, it’s not the end of the list.

I personally vouch for this one, Seven can be your traveling buddy. No need to carry those stinky gym shoes or equipment with you! Just carry your smartphone with Seven installed in it and you can exercise on the go!

no need to get ready for gym

Tailored Fitness Plans because not all of us are the same

seven app for weight loss
get stronger without going to gym
improve fitness at home

Not all of us have the same goals for fitness. Many of you would want to gain or lose weight without gym, stay healthy and strong or get fit.

fitness plans of your choice
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Interestingly, the app offers tailored fitness plans for all your varied goals. Be it to stay fit without dieting, workout with instant results or exercise for beginners, be rest assured as your fitness needs and preferences are valued and taken care of by this app.

200+ home workout available
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What’s in it for already FIT people?

If you’re already regular with your fitness regime, how can Seven help you? Well, don’t just workout but workout effectively and that’s exactly what the app offers. Try out this new, fun, fast and effective approach of quick exercise to stay fitter with Seven.

Oh wait, did I forget to mention the fun element? If the workout is not challenging and appealing, is it even a workout? Well, with Seven it is. Moreover, the app is equally fun!

earn rewards for achievements
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You can earn rewards with its fantastic fun reward system. Track your achievements, share them with your friends, and stay motivated!


Still have doubts about ‘How to workout at home?’ Don’t worry, the motivating instructors and qualified trainers are committed to keep you fit and give the best training experience.

home workout for beginners
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Want more? Join the 7 club!

  • From beginner to athlete, get access to varied training with over 200 exercises and workouts.
  • Receive special attention, exclusive support, and guidance from personal trainers.
  • Get faster results with workout plans which are adapted to your fitness level.

Sounds too good to be true? Why not download the app and get results in just 7 minutes! Now workout without going to gym. The app is freely available on:

Google Play store

App Store

Take small steps to achieve big, all you have to give is 7-minutes a day! With Seven by your side, you will get the most from your training. Create a habit and commit to your workout.

The new-age workout is here. Where are you?

See you in the next blog!

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