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How effective is reading short news?

We prefer the news app today that gives us capsule-sized news. Well, knowledge is power but if it’s partial it can be dangerous!

Trending issues discussion

Consider being a part of a random discussion regarding trending issues. You put forward an argument and immediately an intellectual friend interrupts you correcting your arguments. Do you wonder why?

We all have been in such situations. There could be various reasons for it. At times we only know one side of the story or have partial knowledge on a subject which ends up making no sense to the discussion.

Now, this can be embarrassing!

Be Aware of Trending Issues!

Uncertain about detailed facts

Moreover, there are times when in public we find ourselves rarely speaking about issues. We might just nod along or repeat the things we hear other people saying. The common reason behind this is we are not sure about the facts of the issue. When we are unaware and unable to put forth our opinions, people don’t really acknowledge our presence. 

We can only make someone listen to us when we exactly know what we are talking about and it should make complete sense. This will only happen when we have an overall understanding of the subject.

Daily news on the go

Such situations tend to happen especially with discussions revolving around trending news. TV news channels and our habit of reading short news clearly don’t help in such scenarios. It leaves us with a shallow understanding or incomplete knowledge. We need correct and at least a little more senseful information at our fingertips.

Well, let me introduce you to Knappily – a perfect daily news app with unbiased news analysis and an in-depth understanding of current affairs.

Know it all with the news app - Knappily!

Knappily is the first Indian app to be featured by Google as the Editor’s Choice news app! It also works as a ‘feature analysis digital magazine.’ 

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Starting from knowing nothing or little to becoming a subject matter expert within few swipes with Knappily.

Get the most out of Interesting Articles!

Q&A daily news app
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With content flooding over the internet, even though you read a long interesting news article, it is challenging to make sense and draw conclusions out of it. Thanks to Knappily for its unique 5WIH (What, Why, When, Where, Who & How) framework for presenting news. You get more than what you asked for!

detail news in Q&A format
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Features you can’t say no to!

Try out these amazing features of this app :

  • Knapps – Each Knapp (news snippets) gives a 360-degree overview of the breaking news in just one app.
  • Bookmark- Bookmark your favorite Knapps and read them later.
  • References to the news sources– Youtube video references along with popular national and international dailies (The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Times of India, The Guardian, NYT) available on the app.
  • Notifications – Get notifications on this news alert app for newly published Knapps.
  • Categories– Knapps are arranged in categories (political, technology, philosophy, TV shows, movies, etc.) for better filtering
daily news alert app
choose daily news news preferences
news snippets on favorite topics

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  • Share with your network – Easily share news on the go with friends through various social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram.
  • Offline mode– Even without the internet go through the Knapps.
  • Night mode– Experience pleasant reading at night with this feature.
  • Copy to clipboard – Get or share text from the app and copy to clipboard.
  • Zoom images – Zoom in or zoom out images based on your requirement.
  • Unread section – This feature lets you go back and read the stories you missed.
share trending issues
bookmark short news

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The team of Knappily has finely curated its features for those who have limited time to spare. As it provides you with detailed facts, this can be the best current affairs app for civil services aspirants. Knappily can be your go-to app if you are appearing for interviews as well.

Knowing just a little more has never hurt anybody!

news snippets on trending issues
detailed facts on short news

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You can either choose to read brief news or detailed news. The knowledge-based app, Knappily is suitable for both. Get the latest updates on your favorite topics and categorize news based on your preferences. The app is used across 170+ countries catering to well-researched and authentic daily news analysis.

interesting news articles discussion

Get to know all about the trending international and national news. Be notified of what’s happening around your city. With Knappily now be a part of intellectual discussions without any hesitation!

Get the Knappily app download link below for Google Store and App Store.

Stay tuned! We have a lot more in the store for you and your smartphones!

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