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For how long have you gazed at the train schedule or waiting list scratching your head just to know its confirmation status? Have you been stuck in the middle of nowhere because you don’t know how to reach your destination?

Truth be told, the uncertainty – YES or NO in getting a train ticket confirmed and calculating the probability of getting ‘waiting list’ clear is an annoying process! And to get ‘confirmed’ on your ticket status for a last-minute booking seems like a dream come true. Have you noticed not everybody takes a start-to-end journey on a train, the reason why almost half of the seats go wasted!

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Get train schedules and more!

To tackle the above concerns and problems, we have an app for you – ConfirmTkt app. This app tells you how to book train tickets and ensures you only leave your home with confirm train tickets, even for last-minute bookings.

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ConfirmTkt – an official partner of IRCTC!

ConfirmTkt is an online platform for IRCTC train booking and train enquiry. The app is equipped with efficient algorithms which cleverly tell you whether you should book a ticket or not if that train is on the waitlist. This machine learning system is advanced and can give you predictions with 94 percent accuracy on the waitlisted ticket.

In simpler words, getting IRCTC tickets confirmed now has high chances provided you use the CofirmTkt app.

Key features

  • Seat availability and IRCTC bookings:
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  • Train search – Seat/Berth availability with predictions
  • Check PNR status through notifications
  • View wait-list trends
  • Offline access to Train schedules and timetable
  • Search train tickets with voice assistant

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  • Easy IRCTC cancellations and refund of train tickets
  • IRCTC booking and enquiry 24×7 Customer Support
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Online payment with card
  • Secured payment getaway – all payments mode supported on the app.
check train Schedule and route with GPS tracking
  • Check your train route or know where it is with live GPS tracking and schedules is.
  • Instant Notifications & Easy UI makes ticket-booking easier and better.
Confirmtkt is available in 7 languages
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  • Available in 7 languages

Why book tickets with ConfirmTkt?

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ConfirmTkt is a winner in the race because of its innovative approach towards serving its users better! If the possibility of getting a ticket, say from Hyderabad to Jaipur is low, the app will suggest you an alternate option. You can get a seat which is available at a different station, say Bhopal but on the same route. You get a confirmed seat till Bhopal and then you just need to change it for another seat once you reach there.

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It also suggests you with alternative route options in train with a combination of train-train and train-bus.  With all types of trains covered on this app, book train tickets without agent instantly with accurate train predictions and best travel alternatives.

ConfirmTkt is one of the best apps for booking train tickets. You can check available seats in train, or check the waiting list online. With this app, ticket confirmation chances are pretty high. Download ConfirmTkt app and you can get a confirmed train ticket anywhere in India. This is an app you can trust as it makes traveling hassle-free, smart, and intuitive.

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Download the app today and only worry about packing your stuff and leave the commute to ConfirmTkt.
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